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Salt lake China Repair specializes in the highest quality restoration and repair of Fine Art Objects, Fine China, Porcelain, Ceramic, and Broken Figurines.Catherine's Studio has a reputation of excellence with over 25 years experince

We provide valuable restoration services to many clients, antique dealers, shipping companies, maid services, and art collectors. Our clients trust us for there ceramic repair, sculpture repair, china repair, needs.

We appreciate the sense of loss when an item is damaged. The repair to each individual item is specific to its composition and we take great care in evaluating your damaged pieces. Trust your valuable or sentimental damaged item to be handled with personal care and proffesional  skill to restore it to its original beauty

No matter how server the damage we can offer you several options for you consideration, from gluing to a part or full seamless repair. We can remold missing parts if they have been lost or shattered.

Missing parts can be replaced

Chips can be filled

Cracks can be hidden

 Art pottery repair, Ceramic repair, Porcelain repair, Stone sculpture repair, Figurine repair, China repair, Art restoration, Sculpture repair,Religious statue repair

Utah Govenors Mansion Project

I was asked to restore a very large piece that was donated to the mansion in the early 1900's. It had been in storage for years because of the sever damage that had occured over time. Many of the broken pieces had been lost.This was a chalenge I wanted to take on. 

The damage was extensive, the lid was broken in many pieces and reglued and then filled with some kind of a soft red clay. The top rim was also broken in several pieces and reglued and  filled with the same red material.  The base was also broken in several pieces with missing parts and glued .

This piece had 8 children and one goat, dancing around the center. Now comes the interesting part. All of the children had damage. two heads were missing, 6 left arms were missing, 5 right arms missing, 4 left legs missing and 3 right legs missing and two broken. Someone tried to mold a few crude arms and legs from putty, also three arms had been replaced with old porcelain arms from another figurine.All but one of the remaining heads had been broken and glued.

I was lucky enough to have remaining examples of right and left arms and legs and heads. I was able to use these to mold the missing parts and while still soft change the angle of the bend in each limb so as not to have them all the same. I was able to give all the children right and left limbs. I molded two heads from the remaining good ones. I now had all my children complete. ( they were like my own children as I had spent so much loving time with each of  them). The goat was missing a horn and foot as well. After molding and assembling all pieces and removing the old glue and putty form the top, base and lid, I was able to start the final process of filling and painting the damaged areas.

After many months and many hours of hard work I presented the completed restored piece to the first lady. She was delighted with the restoration to this historical piece. It is now showcased in the formal dinning room. This is why I love what I do. I love to return cherrished pieces back ther owners in restored condition.


Missing arms, legs and heads                       Old Repair-top is broken, glued and filled


Utah's first lady Jackie Leavitt                                                                        

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