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Religous Statue Repair and Restoration

Vandals broke into Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Magna Utah, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage in addition to stealing thousands of dollars of church property.Three teenagers first broke into the church, by kicking in the priest's residence attached to the main building destroying several valuable antique religious artifacts and destroying and smashing eight of the church statues.Some of the statues date back to the 20’s. These statues were in hundreds of pieces and scattered on the floor. I received them in large plastic garbage bags and boxes. I spent weeks sorting and separating the pieces. After collecting all the pieces for each statue I began to assemble them. The process for each repair was to remold missing parts, filling in breaks and chips, sanding, finishing and airbrushing matched paint and sealing. This was one of the most rewarding projects that I have worked on. I was honored that the church entrusted these to me. What a blessing to see them back in there rightful place when completed.They thought they were completely lost with no hope of restoration. 

They were returned to the parish and blessed by Father Javier Virgen, pastor, during a Jan. 5 Mass.

It is my privilege to rescue and restore these wonderful religious statues



Damaged statues in the church

Sacred Heart statue

St. Francis statue


Our Lady of Mount Carmel Statue


St. Anthony Statue                                               Our Lady Of Laurds Statue


Our Lady of Sorrows                                          Statues back at the church


St. Theresa Catholic Church


For a number of years this statue stood in a corner at St. Theresa church, forgotten and looking in a very sorry state. His arms were lost and he was faded and deteriorating. I barrowed the removable arms from a statue at Our lady Of Lourds in salt lake and molded new ones, repaired and repainted the whole statue.     


Missing arms                 Molds                           After Restoration        Statue I used for the arms

St. Thresa Statue that was a family piece for generations, It had been in a fire and stored outdoors.It had been repainted with a spray can and had numours chips and missing parts.


It is my privilege to rescue and restore these wonderful religious statues

Many statues have adorned our churches for many generations. Many Statues fall victim to fading, candle smoke, handling or even caring parishioners who try to do a repair.


I have the highest respect for the treatment of sacred art and statues. These statues are very dear to my heart. If you have a statue in your church or home that needs to be restored or just needs a little touching up, or if you have a project in mind contact us.

Religious statue repair and restoration 801-550-3305

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