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Repairs and Testimonials

" Your  work is lovely and made it possible to get this piece in a permanent collection in Los Angeles. Until my next broken piece" Warmest Regards, Kathleen  Helper Utah

" I personally wanted to thank you for repairing our antique clock located in the lobby outside of the Excutive offices, we appreciate everything you have worked on for us" Warm Regards, Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City

  "I can not believe how amazing my Meissen repair  looks, thank you you for your skillful repair. As always your work is unbelievable."  Ave C.  


"Amazing! Once again you worked your magic, our customer is just thrilled.They thought this would be imposable and never see this again, as it has been in there family for so long they were heart broken. We love you."   Judy W.  

I can't thank you enough. I am very pleased with the majolica repair. I did not believe you could mold the missing leafs ,but I can not tell which ones you molded. I can't even see the repair. I will recomend  you to the other collectors.  Sue H.  Idaho



Restoration is a process which keeps an object from further harm and can eliminate all signs of previous damage. At my studio considerable care is given to each object to protect the original style and composition. Repair is kept to a minimum within the break to help keep the integrity of the piece.A restoration can be both desirable and honest if carried out to a discreet level where concealment of damage is minimal.

Restoration services on art pottery, fine china, figurine repair, sculpture repair. ceramic repair, statue repair, porcelain repair. Expert repair for broken, chipped, cracked and damaged works of art, religious statue repair, and family heirlooms.
Although the repair is durable and beautiful it is cosmetic. the restored item is for decorative use only. We recomend you keep you restored item out of direct sunlight. Do not submerge in water or use harsh solvents or detergents to clean. Rinse and pat dry.


Client returning from a trip to europe and had carried these to protect them and droped
one at the airport.He wanted to keep the pair and had me restore the broken one.


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