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Porcelain Repair


Restoration is the process which keeps an object from further harm and preserves its true nature.  At my studio considerable care is given to each object to protect the original style and composition. A restoration can be both desirable and honest if carried out to a discreet level where concealment of damage is minimal. 


Antique Frame Repair

 Catherine’s Studio specializes in the highest quality restoration and repair of antique frames, fine art objects , fine china,pottery repair,ceramic repair,sculpture repair.  and family treasures, with a reputation of excellence and over 30 years experience. I appreciate the sense of loss when an item is damaged. The repair to each individual item is specific to its composition and I take great care in evaluating the piece. If I can be of assistance to you with your broken or damaged item, please call for a free phone consultation, 801-550-3305, or email me at repair@infowest.com.  


Church Statue Repair Religious Statue Repair


I have spent the past 30 years building a reputation as a skilled conservator. Doing quality work for many clients and Churches restoring fine objects of art, pottery, ceramics, fine porcelain and family treasures. Each object must be evaluated prior to restoration. Restoration is not appropriate in all cases. With extremely rare objects it may be best to leave as is. However in most cases a solid and seamless repair will bring a damaged object back to its original state and beauty. No job is too big or too small Call for an appointment and a free assessment of your piece. 

monumental statue repair

Statue restoration for Carmalite Monastery



 The philosophy of  Restoration is that there is no such thing as a "small job". We repair most items whether it is highly valuable or simply has sentimental importance, whether it's large or small, unique or common. Owner, Catherine Holt, believes in restoring your treasures with experienced and fine care for your ultimate satisfaction.  

You can turn to me for your restoration and repair needs whether you have one item or many.


Solid Marble Buddhist Statue


Our company provides valuable restoration services to private individuals  as well as churches, antique dealers, insurance companies, art collectors and moving companies, AS YOU LOOK AT THE PHOTOS YOU WILL SEE THE WIDE RANGE OF ITEMS WE WORK ON. WE REPAIR AND RESTORE ALL TYPES OF PORCELAIN, POTTERY, SCULPTURE, ANTIQUE FRAMES CHURCH STATUES, FINE CHINA, ART POTTERY, LLADRO, AND MANY OTHERS 

No job is too big or too small Call for an appointment and a free assessment of your piece.  

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